Keri (kerimatheson) wrote,

Taken from a post of mine on Teamsugar

4 questions about hair, books and clothes

Mon, 07/30/2007 - 9:11pm Post by Keri edit

I have these 4 questions that I have been meaning to post on Sugar, but just haven't had time (I just got off working 7 12hr night shifts. Please forgive me if these seem silly,

1. What does it mean to have your hair 'blown out'?

2. Does anyone know anything about Ruehl No. 925? I read this, and it told me the following. Does anyone know if they do online ordering, and where I would be able to see a catalogue?

Ages 7 - 14

Ages 14 - 18
Hollister Co.

Ages 18 - 32
Abercrombie & Fitch

Ages 22 - 35
RUEHL No.925

3. Is it weird that I only want to read books that are new? I went to the Library today and the books were all...used. I have read a book during each of my shifts. If anyone can suggest some really great book, that would be much appreciated.

4. I am a superfreak about my hair (just ask my fiance). I have unruly naturally wavy hair and I straighten it or put it up everyday. Moisture turns it wavy, and it drives me crazy. I am very obsessive about keeping it covered if we go outside when it is raining, or re doing it when I get ready to go somewhere (becasue our apartment is un air conditioned). Is there a product that I could put in my hair to keep it straight?

Thanks so much!


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